WAFCS Student Unit

Washington Affiliate Student Unit Association

The AAFCS Student Unit Association promotes the professional development of members who are students of family and consumer sciences or related fields through regular communications on association programs geared to students.

The WAFCS Student Unit Association is comprised of students from universities and colleges in Washington State. Currently Central Washington University and Washington State University have student unit chapters. Each chapter meets periodically on their respective campuses.  They hold a joint meeting at the Annual Fall Conference and in the Spring, rotating the location of the meeting to each campus.

The Objectives of the Student Unit

  • Promote the AAFCS program of work and the unit’s plan-of-action.
  • Provide the opportunity for developing family and consumer sciences leadership among student members.
  • Provide experience to increase mutual understanding among people of all cultures.
  • Become familiar with the history and explore the future of family and consumer sciences and AAFCS.
  • Provide the opportunity to meet and know people who have attained recognition in the family and consumer sciences profession.
  • Explore career opportunities and promote knowledge of the capabilities of family and consumer sciences professionals.
  • Develop professional interests, which lead to active membership in the affiliate and national association.

2017-2018 Officers
President                                          Cori Sears, WSU
Vice President                                  Lexi Hatch, CWU
Secretary                                          Cassidy Bartley, CWU
Treasurer                                          Anna Watson, WSU
Director of Communications            Lauren Heying, WSU
Historian                                           Brianna Lutz