2018 Spring Issue of the WAFCS Connections Newsletter

The Spring issue of the WAFCS Connections Newsletter is now available.
Featured Items in this Issue:
Page 1   Dr. Jan Bowers to Received the AAFCS Distinguished Service Award
Page 2   From the President’s Desk /Washington Affiliate in Action /Debbie Handy
Page 3    2018 Plan of Action / Executive and Public Information Directors Announce
               Their Retirement
Page 4   New Officers: Andrew Chamberlin / Jessica Monfils
Page 5   WAFCS Annual Awards / 2017 Special Awards
Page 6    Living in a Time of Banned Words  / Waist Deep in Recipes
Page 7   Waist Deep in Recipes, Continued
Page 8   How Does FCCLA Fit into WAFCS / Inspired by FCCLA
Page 9   Say Yes to FCS Update / Euthenics / Debbie Handy Honored with Two Awards
              in 2017
Page 10 AAFCS Atlanta / ServSafe Preconference Training at WA FCS Annual
Page 11 WA FCS Annual Conference October 21-23
Page 12 Mark Your Calendars


2018 Spring Newsletter Final

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