Executive Board 2019

Executive Officers

  • President:Andrew Chamberlin, Bothell, 
  • President Elect: Candidate Pending
  • Past President: Rachel Aszklar, Graham
  • Secretary:  Jessica Monfils, Seattle
  • Treasurer: Margaret Viebrock, Waterville
  • Advocacy/Public Policy: Kelsey Treat

Executive Committee

  • Nominations: Rene Ketchum
  • Membership & Marketing: LynDee Lombardo, Olympia
  • Awards(Recognition & Scholarship):Dr.Karen Bergh, Olympia
  • National Programs:  Dr.Sharleen Kato (IFHE), Bellevue
  • Advocacy & Public Policy: Kelsey Treat, Puyallup

Non-Voting Board Members

  • Executive Director: Dr.Vivian Baglien, Kent
  • Donna Graham- Adviser to Board
  • Diane Grossenbacher -Adviser to Board

Consulting Members:

  • Joye Dillman : Pullman AFCS Contact
  • Claudia Brown: Puget Sound AFCS Contact
  • Janice Griffin: Yakima AFCS Contact