2018 Fall WAFCS Connections Newsletter is now available!

The 2018 Fall/Winter WAFCS Connections Newsletter is so big we’ve had to split it into two sections!

Pages 1-7 contain:
Page 1  Resolution Adopted by AAFCS / Advocating for all families: The spark that
initiated the 2018 AAFCS Resolution
Page 2   From the President’s Desk
Page 3   WAFCS Members Recognized / A Walk Down Memory Lane
Page 4   WAFCS Annual Awards / Candidate Search / Dr. Jan Bowers / WAFCS
Accepting Applications
Page 5   Discovering the CDC
Page 6   Say Yes to FCS Recruitment Campaign
Page 7   Say Yes to FCS: Taking Action / Euthenics

Pages 8-16 Contain:
Page 8     2019 Affiliate Action Plan
Page 9     2019 Affiliate Action Plan
Page 10   International Quilt Market
Page 11   International Quilt Market, cont’d / Student Unit
Page 12   WA FCS Annual Conference Registration Information
Page 13   WA FCS Annual Conference Pre-Conference Workshops / Keynote Speaker
Page 14   Annual Scholarship Fundraiser / CFCS Certification Exams to be
offered at the Annual Conference
Page 15  The Editor’s Final Note
Page 16  Mark Your Calendars

2018 Fall Newsletter Pages 1-7

2018 Fall Newsletter Pages 8-16

2018 Spring Issue of the WAFCS Connections Newsletter

The Spring issue of the WAFCS Connections Newsletter is now available.
Featured Items in this Issue:
Page 1   Dr. Jan Bowers to Received the AAFCS Distinguished Service Award
Page 2   From the President’s Desk /Washington Affiliate in Action /Debbie Handy
Page 3    2018 Plan of Action / Executive and Public Information Directors Announce
               Their Retirement
Page 4   New Officers: Andrew Chamberlin / Jessica Monfils
Page 5   WAFCS Annual Awards / 2017 Special Awards
Page 6    Living in a Time of Banned Words  / Waist Deep in Recipes
Page 7   Waist Deep in Recipes, Continued
Page 8   How Does FCCLA Fit into WAFCS / Inspired by FCCLA
Page 9   Say Yes to FCS Update / Euthenics / Debbie Handy Honored with Two Awards
              in 2017
Page 10 AAFCS Atlanta / ServSafe Preconference Training at WA FCS Annual
Page 11 WA FCS Annual Conference October 21-23
Page 12 Mark Your Calendars


2018 Spring Newsletter Final

Dr. Alberta Hill Memorial

Dr. Alberta Dee Hill, 98, passed away March 18th, 2017, at her home in Meridian, Idaho.

Funeral services were held on Friday, March 31st in Emmett, Idaho. Burial followed in the Emmett Cemetery.

There was a Memorial and Celebration of her life on Saturday, April 8th, at The United Church of Moscow, in Moscow, Idaho.

The service was attended by many of Alberta’s colleagues from Washington State University and members of the United Church of Moscow, Alberta’s home church. The service was conducted by Rev. Jodie Tooley, friend and pastor of Alberta.  Memories were shared by Alberta’s family and friends. A reception followed in the church fellowship hall.

Dr. Hill was  an iconic presence for the Family and Consumer Sciences, and a role model for many FCS professionals. She was active in the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), the Washington Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (WAFCS), and in more recent years in the International Federation of Family & Consumer Sciences (IFHE). She extensively traveled throughout her life, promoting the strengthening of individuals, families, and communities around the globe.  Alberta will be missed by all.

Click below for a brief glance to her life and accomplishments.

Alberta Hill Memorial