2018 Fall/Winter WAFCS Connections Newsletter

The 2018 Fall/Winter WAFCS Connections Newsletter is so big we’ve had to split it into two sections!

2018 Fall Newsletter Pages 1-7

2018 Fall Newsletter Pages 8-16

Pages 1-7 contain:
Page 1  Resolution Adopted by AAFCS / Advocating for all families: The spark that
initiated the 2018 AAFCS Resolution
Page 2   From the President’s Desk
Page 3   WAFCS Members Recognized / A Walk Down Memory Lane
Page 4   WAFCS Annual Awards / Candidate Search / Dr. Jan Bowers / WAFCS
Accepting Applications
Page 5   Discovering the CDC
Page 6   Say Yes to FCS Recruitment Campaign
Page 7   Say Yes to FCS: Taking Action / Euthenics

Pages 8-16 Contain:
Page 8     2019 Affiliate Action Plan
Page 9     2019 Affiliate Action Plan
Page 10   International Quilt Market
Page 11   International Quilt Market, cont’d / Student Unit
Page 12   WA FCS Annual Conference Registration Information
Page 13   WA FCS Annual Conference Pre-Conference Workshops / Keynote Speaker
Page 14   Annual Scholarship Fundraiser / CFCS Certification Exams to be
offered at the Annual Conference
Page 15  The Editor’s Final Note
Page 16  Mark Your Calendars